This is dollybot, Cinematography meets science, pinpoint every shot you take, build scenes to your liking


The DollyBot provides a wide range of features which allow accessibility and ease of use.

Easy To Use

No need to be an engineer or sophisticated camera operator, DollyBot can be operated by anyone from novices to the next Alfonso Cuarón.


Using only a lightweight wire and the infrared sensors attached to the chassis, setting up and packing up a set requires only a few minutes.


Take the DollyBot anywhere. Any wire path your mind can conjure, the DollyBot will follow as long as it sees it. The sky is literally the limit.

Open Source

The open source Arduino software allows users to develop their own features and plugins while sharing them with the rest of the community.

Charge Life (Hr.)
Infrared Sensors
Creative Opportunities


Dean Diakov

Founder Dean Diakov has been involved in filmmaking and has been creating video content for as long as he could remember. Having also been garnering experience in web development, programming, and robotics, Diakov found an intersection between his two interests when thinking of a way to minimize the human error that came along with follow-filming in skateboarding. The DollyBot was born, a robot camera dolly that follows an established wire track, while keeping the subject in the camera’s view using sensors placed on the subject. Originally being used towards action sports filming, the DollyBot is an extremely useful consumer-level tool for any form of filmmaking, with the possibilities for customization being endless.

Set up shot sequences with pinpoint accuracy

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